Question and Answers

What's the easiest way to book a Home Inspection with Springirth Services?

The easiest way to book an inspection with Springirth Services is thru a simple phone call, text or email. Your inspector at Springirth Services will discuss with you what to expect at the home inspection and be happy to answer any questions you may have prior to the inspection.

How long does a Home Inspection take?

Typically on average a Home Inspection take between 2 ½ hours to 3 hrs. It takes time to inspect a home thoroughly and test all the components of the house.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the Home Inspection?

With Springirth Services nothing needs to be brought to the Home Inspection other than the eagerness to learn about your potential new home. We provide thorough reports with detailed pictures so there is no need to take notes. The payment of the home inspection is made the day of the inspection so which ever your form of payment should be brought.

Did you know that home inspectors are NOT required to walk the roof or walk in the attic?

Springirth Services walks every attic at your inspection and walks every roof that is safe to do so at your home inspection. While an inspector can get on the roof and look at your roofing system for leaks and issues with your roofing system, they are mainly found from walking your attic and seeing the underside of your roof system.

Did you also know that a licensed home inspector does not need any experience to become licensed?

Most states, including the State of Maryland, do not require any residential construction experience or any home experience in any field to become a home inspector. In addition the some states, such as Virginia, do not require home inspectors to be licensed. Your home inspector at Springirth Services has extensive experience in residential construction.