Why Choose UsMy Promise to My Clients:

“Having a quality home inspection performed for your potential home has a lot to do with the company/home inspector you choose. A great home inspection comes with the experience and knowledge of the home inspector but even more so, it has a lot to do with their effort. I promise to give my best effort on every home inspection...”

“A home inspection isn’t just about uncovering issues with the house. It’s about educating people about their home and how to set them up for success.” Mark Springirth

I am Mark Springirth, owner of Springirth Services. I grew up in Montgomery County, earned a Bachelor of Science from Shepherd University, and I currently live in Monrovia, MD with my wife Natalie and our dog Emory.

I have more than 10 years experience in the residential construction and the home inspection industry. Growing up in the DC Metropolitan Area has given me a great sense of pride for the area and its residents. My construction background has been invaluable when inspecting a home because I know how to build a home the correct way and how the systems within the home should work properly with one another. I have a good eye in spotting shortcuts that builders tend to take.

As a recently home buyer, I appreciate having an easy home buying process and working with people have my best interest at heart. It is important to me the home inspection process is easy and stress free for my clients and their Realtors. I enjoy working together as a team with my clients and their Realtors to answer any questions.

You will be so confident in your home inspection that Springirth Services backs your home inspection with a 200% satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee isn't your typical money back guarantee. Springirth Services will not only give you a full refund for your home inspection but will pay to have another home inspector, of your choosing, come out and reinspect your house. What other home inspection company does that?! That's the type of confidence we have that you will receive the best home inspection possible with Springirth Services. You will feel at home with us.